Ganadores 2019

Global Nominee


DOCAS provides a near-real time plastic tracking system, which delivers a better insight of the plastic pollution in oceanic regions worldwide. Combining different satellite images to achieve high spatial resolution, high temporal resolution and a rich collection of data time series, t he system distributes expensive computations thanks to Google Earth’s Engine. Machine learning algorithms are also deployed to increase its performance in macroplastic debris detection, as an international collaborative effort.

Global Nominee


We propose the trace of oxygen as a new indicator of sustainability of products, processes and services. For this we intend to monitor oxygen concentrations in the atmosphere through a microsatellite, and develop inventories of processes that generate oxygen and on the other hand consume it. The project also is developing a cubesat (non-functional prototype) to obtain the spectral lines using a spectometer module to detect oxygen bands in nm unit.


At the beginning of a new space race carried out by citizens and private parties, it is necessary to think about ideas and develop new technologies that will continue to accelerate the technological growth of humanity. Under that point of view, Küyen Dynamics points to that new horizon, to conquer the unknown, assist future explorers and protect them from the elements of outer space.


BACKGROUND NASA has sensors that take information from space and through Telemetry is transmitted to a central station that analyze the data. Due to external events such as cosmic rays, electromagnetic pulses and others, cause loss of connectivity between the NASA sensors and the central stations, some data does not arrive completely causing the loss of relevant information. WHAT WE DID? Improve information processing by imputing the lost data that will later be used in ML models in order to improve the accuracy of predictions or classification models. We focus on the design of a architecture capable of receiving data from NASA's electronic instruments, and impute the missing data for maximize the most important features that the ML engineer needs to be able to develop projects with great performance. The system is not only focuses on improving the loss of data from NASA's instruments but also engages in the improvement of any electronic device capable of acquiring data from its environment.


El ciberbullying es el uso de los medios telemáticos (Internet, telefonía móvil y videojuegos online principalmente) para ejercer el acoso psicológico entre iguales. No se trata aquí el acoso o abuso de índole estrictamente sexual ni los casos en los que personas adultas intervienen.